Brooklines NETA will act as the in-take partner for the MA Cannabis Cup


BROOKLINE, MA – The NETA pharmacy in Brookline will be the official in-take partner for the first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts, a public competition scheduled to begin August 21st.

The High Times Cannabis Cup, the world’s premier marijuana competition, aims to identify and reward the state’s best cannabis products in 11 categories, including sativa and indica flowers, prerolls, concentrates, edibles and topicals. Products are sourced from 16 different retailers and rated by consumers in communities across the state.

“Massachusetts has been on our radar for a long time,” said Mark Kaz, director of competitions at High Times. “I was taken to a number of different companies to gauge their interest and we got wild enthusiasm from all quarters.”

As the hosting partner for the event, NETA assisted High Times with final approval by the Cannabis Control Commission, providing storage, judge kit preparation, and transportation for the product.

“After talking to about 151 different companies, no one had the space NETA had,” said Kaz. “They are also a well-oiled machine when it comes to picking up large quantities of product in a short period of time.”

Entry for MA Cannabis Cup products submission ended Wednesday, Kaz said. Event organizers will now spend four to five days building approximately 2,000 kits that they will deliver to each of the participating retailers. The kits will each contain several different brands and will be available to anyone who can legally purchase first come, first served cannabis in Massachusetts.

The judges are asked to rate each product based on aroma, taste, visual aesthetics, stoned / high, flammability / flush, and other important details they notice. Each person who buys a judge kit will be given an access code for that particular kit that they can use to provide feedback from home.

“These vendors put their hearts and souls into creating the best products, so we want the jury to do the same in their comments,” said Kaz. “We encourage people to be very detailed and very thorough in their reports.”

The evaluation of the MA Cannabis Cup starts on August 21st and runs until October 17th. The winners will be announced on October 24th in time for the Christmas business.

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