Big opening date set for second cannabis retailer in Timmins


Timmins finally gets his second pot cake. Sessions Cannabis President and Co-Founder Steven Fry says the official opening will take place in Park Road Square in Algonquin and Brunette next Thursday, February 25th.

“We are excited and very happy to be welcome to Timmins,” he says enthusiastically of My Timmins Now Dot Com. “There seems to be a lot going on in the community.”

The store will have around 400 cannabis products on the sales floor. and a wide range of accessories.

Fry is happy with the situation against Dutch Love on Riverside Drive.

“It is middle ice. And the nice thing is that we’re on the other side of town too, right? I think it will be wonderful. I know the snowmobile trails are there, Wacky Wings is there, Food Basics is there. It’s a great crossbreed too. “

He adds that the shop has a great local vibe.

“We have hired 15 employees on site. Every single person was there, including the management team, ”he explains. “People who co-own business with us are also locals and family members in the community. So a very local, tailor-made topic. “

The jobs are a mix of full and part time.

According to Fry, the local application has been going through the provincial approval process for almost a year.