The first medical cannabis dispensary opens in Jefferson City



Missouri Health & Wellness, a medical cannabis company licensed to operate five pharmacies in the state, opened its Jefferson City facility on Monday.

The store is the first in Jefferson City.

The Missouri Department of Health approved Missouri Health & Wellness as one of the first companies to operate in the state.

MH&W also owns and operates pharmacies in Washington, Belton, Kirksville, and Sedalia.

The new store on 1404-A Missouri Blvd. will sell a wide variety of flowers and foods immediately. The more products are available, the more products are in progress.

Regional manager Kathleen Beebe said some customers had been waiting for this moment in Jefferson City for years.

“I find it very rewarding for someone to come in and tell you what they’re up to and they know this could help them, but they didn’t have access to it. It’s so rewarding that I often cry Eyes float, “she said.

According to the Missouri Department of Health, 33 medical marijuana dispensaries have been approved to operate and 15 to grow in Missouri.

Missouri medical marijuana approved facilities. Courtesy of DHSS.

The state also reported medical marijuana sales of $ 8,807,160 as of Friday, up more than $ 3 million from December.

Mike Lester, Ward 2 councilor, said this community expansion will benefit the local economy.

“People need the products and use them to make the demand exist,” he said. “It generates some revenue, tax revenue for the city.”

Selling medical marijuana in Missouri. Courtesy of DHSS.

There are currently 115 pending inspections to start a medical marijuana facility, 41 of which are in progress and 59 are approved for operation.