Smokable Medical Cannabis on the LA Government Desk (Newsletter: June 3, 2021)


CA Senate Approves Psychedelics Condemnation; NV Government Marijuana Lounges; CT legalization in question; How Congress can legalize the right way; OR sales data

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The California Senate Passed a law to legalize possession of psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA. It now goes to the meeting.

Amazon said it would stop many workers’ drug testing for marijuana and also actively lobby Congress to pass federal law to legalize it. The decision by one of the largest US employers to treat cannabis “like alcohol” is likely to have a major impact.

Nevada lawmakers sent a bill to legalize lounges for the social use of marijuana to Governor Steve Sisolak’s (D) desk.

How Majority Leader in the Connecticut House of Representatives is working to finalize a deal to legalize marijuana pending a vote later this week, progressive lawmakers withhold promises until the actual language is ready.

A new bipartisan bill from Representatives Conor Lamb (D-PA) and Peter Meijer (R-MI) would make it clear that Department of Veterans Affairs doctors can discuss state marijuana programs with military veterans – but it would not allow them to actually make recommendations about participation.

A new report from Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis shows that marijuana sales “are breaking new records, even if the outlook expects sales to decline somewhat as more entertainment venues reopen and employees return to the office.”

Former Massachusetts Cannabis Regulator Shaleen Title wrote in a new comment for Marijuana Moment that Congress only has one chance to legalize the right path.

  • “We only have one chance to get this right. If we do not do this, the consequences will be devastating and difficult to reverse, not only for racial justice but also for public health. “


The U.S. Department of Agriculture published a report on hemp in Taiwan.

Representative GK Butterfield (D-NC) tweeted: “The excessive criminalization of marijuana has disproportionately affected the lives of blacks and browns in our country. Reforms such as and the passage of the MORE Act are needed to correct this mistake. Too many people lose job opportunities that are otherwise very well qualified. “


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wold (D) tweeted: “Paul Ezell has not been able to practice medicine for a nonviolent marijuana violation in years. Multiply that case by tens of thousands every year and we’ll scratch the surface of the lost potential. “

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, the current state commissioner for agriculture, mentioned her support for marijuana reform in her video announcing her campaign.

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidates engaged in a debate on how to use the proceeds from marijuana legalization.

new York Legislators sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) opposing the position of regulators that the implementation of the changes to the medical cannabis program contained in the new marijuana legalization law should be delayed.

Arizona Regulators published final rules for social justice in marijuana.

Michigan Regulators published a call for proposals for a veteran’s research grant in marijuana.

New Jersey Regulators held a public meeting on implementing marijuana legalization.

California Regulators have issued an arrest warrant for an unlicensed marijuana manufacturing and distribution operation in multiple locations.

The Ohio The Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee will meet on June 17th.

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The Sioux Falls, South Dakota The city council appoints members to a task force charged with drafting regulations for medical cannabis.

A federal judge is considering a challenging case Detroit, Michigan Marijuana licensing program, which benefits longtime residents, says it will issue a ruling within the next three weeks.

A former Boulder County, Colorado Prosecutors released a comment on the benefits of legalizing marijuana.

New York City The chief doctor sent an email warning doctors about the risks of marijuana use for young people.


Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said his government was still working on finalizing a medical cannabis law.

South Africa The finance minister said marijuana should be a “legal, taxable product”.

Argentina The Minister for Productive Development is due to propose a law on medical cannabis on Wednesday.


A study on rats found that aqueous extract of C. sativa roots “promotes” Pain control, either by a central or inflammatory mechanism, and has anti-asthmatic activity. “


A survey found that 65% of the US registered voters do not believe psychedelic substances have medicinal benefits.


Canopy Growth Corp. reported quarterly net sales of C $ 148.4 million and a net loss of C $ 616.7 million.

HEXO Corp. takes over Zenabis Global Inc.

Harborside Inc. Sublimation Inc. takes over the company as well reported quarterly net sales of $ 12.4 million and net and total loss of $ 2.9 million.

Black acquires Southern Colorado Growers.

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. takes over Bloom Brands.

Metr hired a new CFO, launched a product catalog, and extended contracts in three states.

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