Nuggy ~ New Era of Cannabis


After considering the global as well as the African cannabis community and economy, Nuggy has found a lack of serious focus on the experiences cannabis users face.

Stretch Finder ~ Head Shop ~ Grow Shop

By building trusted relationships with partners and vendors in both the medical and recreational markets, Nuggy is redefining the new era of cannabis and customer loyalty in the cannabis space.

CBD calculator

Take a look at their own human and pet CBD calculator. Nuggy is guided by a firm focus on quality products and consumer education and will help usher in a new era of professionalism in African cannabis.

Nuggy plans to educate people in Africa about the truth about medicinal cannabis and to broaden horizons for recreational enjoyment with classes.

The new era of cannabis

Nuggy strives to help people of all skill levels become comfortable with cannabis in their care centers as well as in the wider community.

They believe that this combination of honest advocacy and strategic business offers the perfect balance for success in today’s cannabis market.

Nuggy wants to be part of the drive to redefine the stereotypical brand image of cannabis and cannabis culture. The company offers a range of services and products including the Strain Finder Service, Head Shop, Grow Shop, and CBD Products. Such an opportunity is rare and we want to ensure that our contributions are considered, meaningful, and valuable.

Where to from here?

To this end, we started exploring brands in the cannabis business, considering how a highly stereotypical visual landscape could be refined and made original.

Nuggy is the first result of these explorations.

Often times, when trying to represent a concept, people tend to use previously associated symbols within the culture. This brand wanted to show how you can communicate and enrich a company’s brand by looking for the essence of a company rather than relying on predefined associations in a particular industry.

The result is a visual identity that not only enriches the company’s communications, but also the culture of cannabis as a whole.

The Nuggy Difference

Nuggy believes this is what they have achieved and what they will continue to achieve as we move further into this industry.

And while they’re still at the early stages of cannabis, Nuggy is excited about the opportunities to discover and explore new opportunities and connect the African marijuana industry together.


This is the kind of challenge marketers dream of, and this is why Nuggy is shifting a lot of focus and energy into taking on this challenge.