Meet HyperWolf, California’s trendsetter for on-demand cannabis


If you’ve taken a minute Googling the name HyperWolf, you know there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Adapted from Hall of Flowers

You’ve probably seen the eye-catching HyperWolf yellow billboards with bold black text if you’ve been out and about in California recently; Information is deliberately restricted in favor of a minimalist design and a spirit of discovery.

What is hyperwolf?

HyperWolf is the product of two high school friends from Riverside County, CA who reconnect through the vape and smoke shop industries and set their sights on the promise of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Jake, a first generation immigrant who started working for Verizon Corporate more than 40 hours a week when he was just 17, began taking a variety of cannabis business courses at local universities by the age of 22 and was ready to At the time he was 24 years old to open his first pharmacy in Riverside. However, his father was suffering from serious health problems at the time and Jake was forced to put his dreams on hold and get into the family business.

This detour gave him more experience in working independently. When a familiar face, his longtime friend Nick, came into the store to introduce his new vape business, Jake was intrigued. It wasn’t long before the two began to discuss a future business together. With Focus, their discussions became the basis for HyperWolf.

HyperWolf: The early stages

HyperWolf started out as a delivery service because that’s the business model that the young entrepreneurs knew best. In the early days, when Jake was still working in his family’s store, he found that the average customer only came here to buy blunt wraps, papers, or lighters – items that were likely to make cannabis easier to use. The consummate customer service professional he is to this day, Jake began asking his customers how he could help with their purchases. He quickly became their supplies supplier through the store and their cannabis supplier through the parking lot. Nick knew this smokehouse wasn’t growing its customer base the traditional way and wanted help. Together, Jake and Nick worked to add hundreds to their customer base, employed five people (all of whom still work for the company today) and a proof of concept for their burgeoning business.

Jake had previously opened his first pharmacy in a “crash landing zone” near the airport base in Riverside because a municipal commercial license was not required. “Essentially, if you were brave enough to take the risks of opening a business in the area, you were welcome to do so,” Jake explains. Despite the regulations, it took less than six months for his landlord to shut him down for fear of the property being confiscated by the IRS. That left him without a shop and without savings, but never without hope.

Because of his experience with physical spaces and a general understanding of consumer behavior, Jake was not interested in starting a pharmacy. With a delivery service, not only were the risks and costs lower, but the consumer’s desire for hospitality and delivery was also met.

“I hate going to stores for everything from clothes to groceries, so why should I go to a pharmacy?” he asks. “With delivery, you can get the same items efficiently and privately at a better price.”

The biggest shortcomings in delivery are usually revealed by a lack of customer service and community building. HyperWolf combats the former through its rigorous hiring process. Until recently, Jake and Nick trained each representative personally for two weeks before letting them communicate with customers. The co-owners pride themselves on the fact that their HyperWolf team is trustworthy, well educated, and authentic. They want their crew to stand out from comparable industries. The duo cultivated a staff of executives who can do more than explain what’s the cheapest, strongest, or coolest; People who wake up excited every morning and put on their HyperWolf shirt.

HyperWolfs Community

While the customer experience is top notch, HyperWolf’s standout attributes don’t stop there. Hyperwolf is not only committed to improving its internal team, but also to making the life of the cannabis community better overall. And while it’s an admirable wish, they are quick to point out that helping others is not an easy task until you have taken care of your own chores.

“I have a hard time not worrying and thinking too much, maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo, but I’ve found that even when I’m no longer worried, I have to worry about others had to, ”says Jake.

Jake and Nick are committed to delivering value to those who really need it: the communities, individuals, and brands that deserve it most.

The focus was initially on women-run, environmentally conscious and socially marginalized companies, as it is important to HyperWolf to offer shelf space, marketing support and additional contacts for those in need. Jake and Nick found that presenting companies with unique branded offerings in front of their customers not only supports the people behind the brand, but also creates a more prudent cannabis user overall.

The Hyperwolf team moves away from the “Best Bang for Your Buck” and “Weed Snob” archetypes, which focus solely on the product – and a product that could honestly be bought by a number of other retailers – and the product range and price is aimed at a consumer who values ​​discovery, equality and sustainability as part of their cannabis experience.

What’s next for HyperWolf?

More billboards, a new website, sustainable packaging, extension of the county and physical spaces.

Most of our readers have seen the weird black and yellow billboards all over California. Stay tuned for a similar regional-level design aesthetic with designs by local artists. The first collaboration will take place with Talking Trees, with works of art by the renowned street artist Bigfoot.

Version three of the new HyperWolf website is in the works that will streamline the delivery process with ID verification and a delivery tracker – think Domino’s Pizza Tracker, but for weed.

They are also working with Didier and the team at LIFE to develop a fully sustainable packaging program for all HyperWolf branded products to ensure we can all enjoy what the planet has to offer for years to come.

San Francisco, Bakersfield, and San Diego are the closest counties to line up for the team’s delivery service, and now that they’re established across California, you can expect more physical spaces from HyperWolf. But don’t expect your average pharmacy.

The guys who would only consider selling the business to Jeff Bezos look forward to expanding on what it means to step into a cannabis area, and some of the activations on the horizon could be Cold Stone Creamery-style ice cream parlors for infused Edibles and the adult version of your high school lunch – elevated uncrustables.