Legal experts try to clear the haze around cannabis and the workplace at the Cape Chamber webinar on local news


BILL BARLOW For the press

Congressional candidate Brigid Callahan Harrison, along with other speakers, is hosting a cannabis forum on the benefits of legalizing recreational activities at Cooper Levenson, Atlantic City attorneys

CAPE MAY COUNTY – New Jersey’s brave new world of legal cannabis is a haze of contradictions, with state and federal regulations at odds and local communities scrambling to establish guidelines for new businesses before the summer period ends.

Amy Rudley, an attorney with employment law firm Cooper Levenson, says employers shouldn’t be too concerned.

“It really shouldn’t be as difficult as everyone imagines it to be,” she said.

She and Brittany Bonetti, her colleague at Cooper Levenson, addressed the issues of legal cannabis in a webinar on cannabis in the workplace presented by the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce last week. Rudley focused on employment issues while Bonetti talked about the emerging legal cannabis industry in New Jersey, which is expected to hit the market next year.

Cape Assist was one of the sponsors of the event, with Katie Faldetta, executive director of the Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention Group, acting as moderator.

Rudley joked that they missed the opportunity to hold the event on April 20th, a date long associated with marijuana use, rather than April 21st. In a short presentation, she advised business people on various topics related to cannabis in the workplace.

“I’m sure the big question everyone is asking is, ‘Can my employees smoke a pot at work?’ You could be zooming in to get an answer to that question, ”she said.