Apollon Formulies PLC’s cannabis formulations show early promise in prostate cancer


PLC () said its cannabis formulations work against prostate cancer in a preclinical model.

In 3D cell cultures from an independent laboratory, they were effective against both hormone-resistant and hormone-sensitive forms of the disease.

The work builds on previous early-stage research. This indicated that Apollon formulations, developed at the company’s headquarters in Jamaica, were effective in killing HER2 + and triple negative breast cancer cells.

“Cannabinoids have been observed to exert anti-tumor effects in a number of ways, including killing cancer cells directly and inhibiting transformed cell growth and tumor metastasis,” said Apollon Managing Director Dr.

“Using the results of its proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based strain genetics analysis, Apollon Jamaica has grown and processed certain of its proprietary medicinal cannabis products with an explicit focus on cancer treatment.

“We are very pleased that our proprietary medical cannabis formulations have been validated by independent laboratory tests to kill both hormone-sensitive and hormone-resistant prostate cancer cells in 3D cell cultures through direct cytotoxicity. This is in addition to our medicinal cannabis Apollon. “

According to a report by Fior Markets, the global prostate cancer treatment market will grow to $ 10.7 billion by 2027, from $ 7.2 billion in 2019.